Welcome to Salt Spring Island!

Population: 10,557       Median Household Income: $53,523         Median Age: 56.3 years

Salt Spring Island is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands and is a short ferry ride away from the larger cities of Victoria and Vancouver.

Salt Spring Island is situated between mainland BC and Vancouver Island and is the only Gulf Island with a fully functioning hospital. Ganges is the largest community on the island with smaller communities at Fulford Village, Fernwood and Vesuvius Bay.

The housing market is made up primarily of single, detached homes, which account for 81% of the housing stock on the island. Most homes on the island were built after 1981, making homes here, on the average, newer than homes in the rest of the Capital Region District.

There are four provincial parks Ruckle, Burgoyne Bay, Mt. Maxwell and Mt. Erskine on Salt Spring Island with numerous hiking trails for all ages and activity levels. Water sports also play a huge role in the Salt Spring Island lifestyle. Kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and swimming are all available, some year-round, on the island.

Salt Spring Island is also known for its arts scene. The island has a vibrant artist community and offers studio tours, art galleries and arts and craft shows. The famous Salt Spring Island Farmers Market is also a popular spot for artists and artisans to sell their creations.

Laid back and more rural, Salt Spring Island is perfect for families, retired people or those just wanting a more relaxed lifestyle.

The Community: More rural with an artsy vibe

The Lifestyle: Outdoorsy and relaxed

Salt Spring Island is for you: If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to embrace a more rural lifestyle

Salt Spring Island isn’t for you: You want endless options when it comes to nightclubs, shops and entertainment

The Housing Market: Salt Spring Island’s housing stock is made up of primarily single detached houses, with most homes built after 1981

Benchmark price for a single-family home: $1,399,800 (as of Mar. 2022)

Benchmark price for strata: $799,900 (as of Mar. 2022)

Interested in living on Salt Spring Island? Then our Summerside Village development is for you! This development of 12 homes features high-end finishings, a choice of three or hour bedrooms and range in size between 1,500 to 1,900 square feet. Visit SummersideVillage.ca for more information.


Metis Settlements Development Corporation & TLA Developments Unite for Affordable Housing

Metis Settlements Development Corporation & TLA Developments Unite for Affordable Housing

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