Mando was born in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan before he made the big move to Edmonton, Alberta to be with his new family.

He has been taken under wing of his Dexter, TLA’s Director of Security and Morale, who is also his uncle, and has been assisting to keep the office a safe and happy environment.

When he isn’t working at TLA Developments, you can find him taking a nap, begging for treats or just trying to get any attention from anyone.


Developer donates two single-family Esquimalt homes to the Songhees Nation

Two single-family residential homes will be upcycled and will continue to be enjoyed by two deserving families from the Songhees Nation.

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Plants Find New Homes in Esquimalt Neighbourhood

TLA invites neighbours to participate in a “Take Your Plant” event, where those neighbours could come and harvest the plants and shrubbery from the Sterling site in order to rehome them in their own backyards.

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